Adventures in downsizing, from a recovering stockpiler

Downsizing- halving what we have

A year ago today, we lived in a house twice the size of our small apartment that we live in now. It had 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths, and a wide, open living/kitchen area. With tons of closets and a full basement for storage, we had a lot of “extra” and “back-ups”. We learned, when we moved, that we bought a lot of things we already owned because we couldn’t find the thing we owned. This went for everything – from canned baked beans, to windshield wiper fluid – and pretty much everything in between.

We are STILL using up all of our “extras” today. I don’t know if it was because I had young children and feared the days I couldn’t get out of the house because of  how often I was overwhelmed with parenting, or if it was a money thing, like anything could happen to put us under, but with baked beans we would survive. Whatever it was, I am so glad to be out of that hoarding mentality and never want to go back there again.

Using whats available

In our new space, just 800 sf, we have very little storage – and I love it! Not only has it forced me to get rid of what I don’t use, its has kept me from buying beyond what I need for the week. Our new refrigerator if half the size of our old one, and let me tell you – we hardly waste any food now. A quick scan shows me what I have and what needs to be used immediately. I start with the fresh food, a few lone scallions, half of a lime, some beets, and go from there. Its no longer what I feel like having from a costco-style pantry, but what I have to use.

The picture below is of a jar of coconut milk I whipped up from some reconstituted shredded coconut, blended for a few minutes, and pressed through a sieve. So easy, only made what I needed, and it turns out not having 15 cans of coconut milk on hand did not ruin dinner.

I’m still getting used to this, and yes – first world problem- I have occasionally not had exactly what I needed to make exactly what I wanted, but damn, that feels weird even typing that out. How did I get to the place where I thought that I should??

winter winso clementines and coconut milk
winter window
Adventures in downsizing, from a recovering stockpiler

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