Church Street renovation

Ongoing renovations for Church St. Chester, Vermont


Downstairs bathroom renovation:

We tore this place apart in June 2015, it was the kick-off to a year+ of renovations after a pause. The area under the tub was rotten and needed joists replaced. The tub was cast iron and in fairly good condition. The window we put in 6 or 7 years prior, and although it was small, our only chance of natural light, so it stayed. It’s a fairly small bathroom, 5′ x 7′, so the options for layout are limited. But its came out clean, functional and solid. Can’t really go wrong with subway tile in s small bathroom to lighten it up. For more renovation pictures, check out our renovation instagram: Amare Workshop.

Before & After:

rotten joists under tub
this is from the back side of the bathroom wall, rotten joists & studs. You just don’t know until you start digging in…
subway tile installation
During subway tile installation.

white grout subway tile installation
finished tile installation, white grout, clean & simple.



Other renovations:

house during renovation. Chester, Vermont
house during renovation. Chester, Vermont
renovation of south wall
Adding new windows, doors & insulated walls.

Church Street renovation