Building our tiny house in a tiny garage

Attached to the back of the Amare Guesthouse is a small (22′ x 18′) garage space that we will slowly be turning into home. It has a second floor with a large open space and a small room off of that for another bedroom. This is/has already challenged pretty much every item we own to make the cut. We moved from a fairly large 4 bedroom two bath house with a full basement for extra storage…to this raw, unfinished and small space.

unfinished garage space, primed for reno
unfinished, dark garage space

I have to say, so far anyway, its the best things for us in so many ways. We needed a shake up, a reset button for pretty much all aspects of our life. The old house was wonderful for us when we had two small kids and were in the accumulation phase of our life, but we overstayed by about 2 years as I see it. We had gone beyond the nature stage of large family homeownership into the place where we work pretty much every spare moment to keep up a lifestyle that no longer existed. Our oldest daughter moved out two years prior, we no longer had the time or energy to host the gatherings like we used to, and it became a large expensive big holder of memories- some good, some very hard- that needed to be released. We’re revisiting priorities and checking in with what we really need to be happy and thrive ( more travel!, less maintenance!) by trying out this tiny house thing.


back garage, new windows
Back garage with new large Anderson double-hung windows installed.

First step we took in the back garage was to remove the old barn door that was sealed to the inside of the space, and replace it with these extra large gorgeous double hung windows, salvaged from a trucking accident by our friend and scavenger Bill. What a HUGE difference a wall of light makes!


back of the guesthouse and garage in Chester, Vermont
Back of the house/garage area

Here is a view from the back yard of the house (right) and the garage area (left). As far as we can tell there is no way to access that little cupola on the top, but I’d love to get a little LED light up there! We will be adding windows, replacing doors, moving entry to the right.

Follow along as we turn this tiny house into a home!

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Building our tiny house in a tiny garage
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