Amare Apartment

The small apartment in the back garage of the main house is coming along slowly. It’s always a challenge when we actually live in the space. This, combined with the realities of wintertime, slow progress down considerably. But still, some mini-pushes have made the space more livable – and will eventually become another rentable space for guests. (with the option to rent the entire building sleeping 10+!)

It’s hard to believe this was an unheated garage space under a year ago. One thing I have learned for myself is that I can live on WAY less than I thought I needed. In fact, living with less just makes me want to get rid of more stuff.

tiny appliances for a tiny but workable kitchen

The 24″ stove is by Fagor, and we’ve been happy with it. I certainly don’t miss the extra space on the burners- honestly haven’t even noticed. I only miss space when I am trying to bake two bread loaves at once in the oven, other than that I haven’t really noticed the smaller oven size. It fits a full (half) sheet pan even though it said it wouldn’t. The small cabinet to the right of the stove is an ikea hacked piece. We bought the base from IKEA, then made the drawer fronts and counter top.

farmhouse sink area

The old farmhouse sink if from my mom’s first farmhouse in Vermont. It’s deep and wide and I would miss not having a sink this size after living with this one for a while. Doug re-built some used cabinets to make this base for the sink and at 4′ wide it really works. I could definitely downsize the amount of pots and pans I have, but I figure I’ll need the extra ones when we set this up as a rental apartment.


Trim on the windows become easily overlooked until you go to take a picture! Still, this corner feels the most like home. It’s where we start and end our day with the appropriate beverages. I LOVE being in “downtown Chester” where we see the life of town walking, running and driving by. Turns out, as much as I love the woods, I don’t need to live in them full-time.


Amare Apartment

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